Amy Twiggs


#1 Best Selling Author Amy Twiggs is a wife and a mother of four teenagers. She is a former elite gymnast and, in 1993, she was a member of the developmental National Women’s Gymnastics Team. She is a former USAG Judge and currently owns a gymnastics facility.

She received a full-ride athletic scholarship for gymnastics from Stanford University where she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a focus in Health & Development, and has been trained at The Life Coach School. Worked for the AZ Behavioral Health Center. Mindset & Emotional Training is her passion. Amy’s education has provided many opportunities for her to give back to athletes and teams around the world.

As a Pro Mindset Academy Coach, Amy enjoys working with underperforming elite and professional athletes, coaches and team owners to help them create unstoppable confidence and dominate on and off the field.

Stacie Fletcher


Certified Life and Weight Coach

Stacie Fletcher is a mindset coach and co-owner of the Pro Mindset Academy. She is a certified life and weight coach with the Life Coach School. Previous to her work in coaching, she has spent 19 years in a large non-profit where she led in maximizing digital tools and strategies for helping people grow in areas of personal development. She loves any time she gets to spend outdoors and in her jeep or taking advantage of living in Orlando with all the theme parks.

Stacie was a gymnast and then a club coach. Since transitioning out of coaching, she has been deeply involved in the elite gymnastics world from the media side. She ran a blog and various communications in the sports world, including running social media for the 2014 Pacific Rim Championships and for Athletes in Action at Rio in 2016.

Stacie’s mission at Pro Mindset Academy is to help bring health and healing to the culture of sport. She is passionate about helping athletes who want to be at the top of their sport get the results they are dreaming of while experiencing health and happiness along the way.

Gymnastics has been a central part of Stacie’s entire life. Her journey in gymnastics has unveiled a culture that needs to change. She wants to be a part of the solution.

Ryan Barton


Owner of multiple counseling and motivational coaching companies. Ryan has helped hundreds of families and individuals overcome challenges and increase their positivity to live more inspiring lives. He uses motivational training combined with outdoor experiences to help his clients connect with nature and each other.

As a Pro Mindset Acedemy Coach, Ryan develops unity between parents, athletes and coaches. His experience and tools provide uplifting trainings and practical methods for building stronger connections within teams and families.

Favorite Quote
Never become so distracted by the one thing that’s going wrong that you forget to appreciate all that is going right.

Ali Berry




I am a life coach from Grand Haven, MI. I received my bachelors degree in Exercis & Sports Science and a masters in Human Performance- Applied Sports Science. I also have my CSCS (certified strength and conditioning specialist) from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

During my time at UWL I was on the gymnastics team from 2011-2015. I was an All-American, an Academic All-American, and on the National Championship team in 2015! From 2015-2020 I was the assistant coach, recruiting coordinator, and Jr. Eagle Gymnastics Director. From 2017-2020 I was an associate lecturer in the exercise and sports science department at UWL where I worked in the Weight Room and taught a variety of health and strength and conditioning classes focusing on swimmers, divers and soccer players.

Interned at a variety of colleges and teams, such as S&C, UoDenver, and SUU, working with all sports teams, including football and professional hockey players. 

As a Pro Mindset Academy Coach, I focus on helping athletes understand the intricacies of the recruiting process. Becoming an collegiate athlete can appear daunting at times. I will help you navigate, simplify and empower your mind as you prepare yourself for your next athletic journey.